The FOUR's Saeed Re-Visits UnplugdLA


Yet another humbling evening here at Unplugd Sessions! We were in for a treat when UnplugdLA Live Radio Sessions in conjunction with Writing Sessions of America Los Angeles vet and now "The Four" star Saeed Renaud, graced the stage with his astonishing talent and amazing voice. We would like to take this moment to congratulate Saeed on all of his success thus far as well as the remarkable journey to the FOX stage. We're truly excited and can't wait to see what the future holds for you Saeed!!

Special Guest T.I. Hits The Stage


Special Guest Atlantic Recording Artist Tip "T.i." Harris, dropped by to check out UnplugdLA, courtesy of our very own MyGuyMars. To our surprise, T.I joined us during in this evening's Jam Session in gracing the stage with a few bars. Special Thanks to the UnplugdLA team for hosting yet another successful evening. Another win for the culture! 

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UNPLUGDLA Sessions: The Renaissance


Unplugd Elegance!! Such a presteige night honoring Black History Month - Black Excellence with our special Harlem Renaissance Edition of UnplugdLA. Our wonderful Team, Talents, and Audience came Fashionably Stunning in beautiful Harlem Renaissance attire--as the Astronaut Gang channeled their inner vintage jazz vibes. Special thanks to everyone who participated in tonight's special theme, we look forward to more special UnplugdLA evenings to come. 

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UNPLUGDLA "Jealous" on The Four


As the journey of The Four's Battle to Stardom continues, tonight in Week 4 we've had yet another UnplugdLA Sessions Vet sighting--Edi Callier. Just as he showcased here at UnplugdLA- he made sure to give the star-studded judge panel nothing short of amazing pure talent. We're Truly Proud of you Edi, and we can't wait to see what the future holds on your Success!


UNPLUGDLA in "A.  Minor"


As If to say last week's episode of "The Four: Battle to Stardom" wasn't enough to have the UnplugdLA Team cheering loudly at the television, tonight's episode brought us even more excitement, as UnplugdLA Sessions vet Ash Minor Hit the Big Stage. Per usual Ash Minor reminded us as to why he belongs in the spotlight, covering Miguel's hit "Adorn". We're very proud of you Ash Minor and wish you the best of Luck on "The Four". 

UNPLUGDLA: Live Radio on The Four


Extremely excited to catchUnplugdLA Live Radio Sessions in conjunction with Writing Sessions of America Los Angeles vet Saeed Renaud--on FOX's new hit show "The Four: Battle to Stardom". With an A-List Mega Star studded Judging panel, we're assertive that "The Four" is the next biggest breakthrough of Live Talent television. We're EXTREMELY excited to see Saeed on the big stage, and we're truly rooting for his success. CONGRATULATIONS & GOOD LUCK Saeed!