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M  I  S  S  I  O  N

Since today’s ever changing entrepreneurial market is so vast, Unplugd Entertainment’s mission is to continually set its self apart by providing a multitude of innovative and quality services for performing artists. Unplugd's Services include event production, creative production, and strategic marketing in all realms of business and commerce. Our direct correlation with the consumer gives us an advantage over the competition, because it permits us to gain a richer ideal of our client’s desires. This intern enables Unplugd Sessions Entertainment to construct lasting, loyal, and honest relationships that prove to be as reputable as our name--UNPLUGD!

#T H I S i s U N P L U G D

“An unparalleled live entertainment experience! Unplugd is a hotspot for discovering and connecting with truly talented individuals, while having a great time networking in a positive atmosphere.”

A Premier Live Presentation featuring emerging New Talent. Produced by Joel Green of the Unplugd Entertainment, Unplugd is a full service live performance events promotions and public relations company, specializing in creating the ultimate experience, based in Hollywood California.

Along with Live musical performances UNPLUGD Sessions, also makes way for talent in the arenas of Poetry, Dance, and Comedy. UNPLUGD has had phenomenal graces of putting on shows that feature ground breaking talent before they hit a mainstream or commercial level.

UNPLUGD is targeted towards music enthusiast, passionate patrons of interpreted arts, and fans of comedy, as well as providing entertainment for the general crowd of local  tastemakers, athletes, tourists.

The UNPLUGD show is the perfect opportunity for a wide range of brands to market to a generation, that exercises their buying power responding to the power of inspiration and motivation